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Aditya Agrawal

Garg  Son  |  Unmarried

Babita Agrawal  |  Pankaj Agrawal

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D-409, Vishwanath Apartment, near Ojha Market, P.O. Hehal

City: Ranchi


Age: 13

Date Of Birth & Time: 21/04/2007

Place Of Birth: Ranchi

Height: 5'-5"

Weight: 40

Profession: Student

Monthly Income:

Related Family / Members : सम्बंधित परिवार के सदस्यगण जैसे :- ननिहाल का परिवार, बुआ का परिवार या फिर बड़ा भाई / चाचा आदि।

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At present studying in std-8
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